Why have a business blog

Why have a business blog

What first comes to mind when you hear the term blogging? Mums sharing their parenting tips? A fashionista showing off their latest shopping haul? Or some other image seemingly unrelated to the traditional view of a business? Well, scrap all that because blogging can work for almost every business with an online presence.

By definition, blogging is the creation of short content online. It is great way to market your business and done right (think SEO and social media), it can bring in new leads with very little effort. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Traffic to Your Site

If your business has a website, then adding a blog element is a doddle. But how will it increase traffic to your site? Well, each post you publish tells online search engines that are you are still around and relevant. It is fresh content on a brand new page to be discovered. If you use keywords that people are already searching for online then you increase your chances of getting more eyes on your site. Sounds great right? Make the post evergreen, by that we mean always relevant, then traffic will keep trickling in for months or even years!

Social Media Presence

Imagine a visitor lands on a blog post that resonates with them and someone else they know. They hit the social share button on your site and spread the word with others. This increases your visibility and the potential to be discovered by your next customer.

Blog posts also serve as additional content you can promote on your social platforms because, let’s face it, the struggle for varied content is real!

Business Leads

Driving potential customers to your site is one thing. Converting them is the hardest part but with a blog, you have a lot of avenues to explore. You can direct them to one of your services as a call-to-action at the end of your post. Or to join your mailing list or simply get in touch. It’s the prefect way to promote your offerings albeit indirectly.

Are you in?

The benefits don’t stop there. A blog also allows you to present yourself as an industry expert. The blogging community is also a close-knit one so if you find a group you connect with, you could have friends for life. Think you have nothing to write about on a blog or need help setting one up? Then let get in touch below and let’s make your blog into reality.

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